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RE/MAX Allegiance is your one and only RE/MAX office located in the heart of Delaware, Ohio. Currently, we service all of the Greater Central Ohio Area with Delaware being our hub of services and support for both our agents and our valued clients.

"When you think 'Allegiance', you think loyalty and commitment. You know that you're going to be in good hands. True Allegiance.

We're 100% committed to our clients, our vision, and the impact it will have on our industry."

RE/MAX Allegiance Team

Our Workspace & Team Culture

We understand that environment can play a substantial factor in motivation. So we spared no expense for you to enjoy our prime office space for our Hub. In addition to our great location, our workspace is set up to foster collaboration and an interactive team culture.

  • Located right on Sandusky Street

  • No monthly fees

  • Hands-on, interactive training

  • Individual desk and personal workspace

  • Private meeting spaces and training areas

  • Access to printer and scanner

  • Upbeat and family-like team culture fosters a fun and positive work environment

Join RE/MAX Allegiance

Our vision at RE/MAX Allegiance is simple: to enable our staff to grow both personally and professionally by providing excellent client service from start to finish, by emphasizing education, loyalty and commitment to excellence unmatched by any other brokerage in Central Ohio.

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We decided to operate under the RE/MAX umbrella because their mission statement mirrors what our team stands for:

Achieving our goals by helping others achieve theirs.

With over 8,664 offices worldwide, we all engage together to discover fellow RE/MAX agents and offices all around the world for the purpose of international referrals. As well as having the #1 brand awareness when it comes to Real Estate Brokerages (you know what that red, white and blue balloon means when you're driving down the road!).


And if that wasn't enough, RE/MAX agents average double the sales of other agents because we prioritize our productivity over size of brokerage.

We are proud to be RE/MAX.

The RE/MAX Allegiance Advantage

  1. Systems & Technology

When it comes to software and technology for both our team and our clients, the homework has been done. Let's face it, the real estate industry is saturated with "shiny objects".

Simply put, we have vetted out and use only the best tools at no additional cost to our agents. We want to make sure that you can facilitate deals quickly, communicate in real-time, and have your transactions managed flawlessly. 

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2. Marketing

We create a marketing experience for your clients (making you look good!) We believe that no two properties are the same, each with a unique story. Our job is to tell this story and make your clients fall in love. We want them to fall head over heels and get swept off their feet ... by their own listing. Why? Because then buyers will do the same.

A unique sales and marketing strategy is designed for every property. We think through the mind of the buyer for your client's listing. This custom marketing theme dictates everything from our content, online strategy, targeted marking, and events. While we use only the best tools and resources, the differentiation lies in our ability to individualize our listings.

We produce print marketing or presentations that you'll be so excited to share with your clients. Everything is executed with high quality, consistent brand messaging and design:

  • Buyer Guide

  • Seller Guide & Listing Presentation

  • Custom Designed Property Brochures

  • Personalized Social Media Assets

  • Business Cards, Presentation Folders, Note Cards & Other Print Materials

3. Lead Generation
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By being apart of RE/MAX, you will be sent leads based on your determined Market Area on a rotation cycle. 

4. Training & Business Development

As a team, we are dedicated to staying on top of global, community, and market trends that affect our daily business. We gather the industry's best resources, leaders, and content to regularly provide updates and coaching to our team. This allows us to not only stay educated and informed but to constantly improve as industry expects. We value setting our team up for success, both personally and professionally.

5. Industry Relationships

Whether you, or your clients, require services from contractors, inspectors, mortgage brokers, or other resources, RE/MAX Allegiance has a list of awesome partners that offer outstanding service and pricing to all of our clients.

6. Operations: Your Support Team Behind The Scenes

We make sure to provide the support of a complete operations team so that you can focus on what you do best: serving your clients and selling real estate! Our operations team will step in as much or as little as you would like (marketing content, closing out files, etc.). At the end of the day, we are here to make the transaction as smooth as possible for you and your clients so that you are able to focus on getting the next listing!

Meet Our Team

We have agents in many different loctions in and around the Greater Central Ohio Area. Find an agent who knows your market best.

Apply Today!

If you are interested in learning more about available positions or have questions about working with RE/MAX Allegiance, click below to inquire.

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